Committee and Affiliate Descriptions


Social Committee

  Plans and provides the following events:

  Installation Dinner, Christmas Party, Flea Market, Atlantic City Trips, Casino Night.

  Also works with the Scholarship Fund-Raising Committee and the Scholarship Board of Trustees to plan their fund-raisers.


Cultural Committee

  Plans and coordinates all educational and cultural activities, like "Recordar Es  Vivir", "El Dia de la Raza" and "Cantares Navidenos", in keeping with the objectives of the club.


Good Will Committee

  Helps members in need, either financially, emotionally or through referrals to public agencies. All information given to this committee is kept strictly confidential.


Education Committee

  Provides support to students who excel in academic pursuits.


Visitation Committee

  Visits and maintains a link between patients in nursing homes and/or hospitals and the community.

Sunshine Committee

  Provides an ‘uplift’ to the membership with a personal touch.


Scholarship and Fund-raising Committee

  Raises the funds to provide partial financial aid to selected full-time students entering college or an accredited trade school. It works closely with the Social Committee in planning the Scholarship Fund-Raising Dance.

Youth and Young Adults Committee

  Responsible for meaningful activities designed for the youth and young adults of the SACC.


Fair Committee

  Plans and carries out any fund-raising via community fairs.


By-Laws Committee

Initiates, recommends, reviews and re-writes changes to the Constitution and By-Laws, which are then presented to the Board of Directors for approval.


Membership and Public Relations Committee

  Responsible for attracting new members to the club by keeping the community informed of our objectives and activities. It’s also responsible for publicizing all activities of the SACC through the press and other media.

It represents the SACC in the community.


Scholarship Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is financially responsible for the funds in the SACC Scholarship Trust Fund. The Board of Trustees distributes the scholarship applications, screens the applicants and awards to the eligible candidates a scholarship granting partial financial aid.


Social Friday

Responsible for hosting an evening of informal socializing for members and their guests. Food is donated and beverages are sold to benefit the club. Gatherings are held the last Friday of every month at 7:00pm in the club room.